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Traffic4cast competition reveals novel way to predict traffic flow using AI

Sunday December 15 th 2019

NeurIPS, Vancouver – The Institute for Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI), an independent global machine-learning research institute established by HERE Technologies, today announced the results and winners of its traffic prediction competition, which aimed to solve mobility challenges using artificial intelligence (AI). Traffic4cast, a unique competition merging movie-prediction machine learning with traffic research, challenged competitors to understand complex traffic systems and make predictions about how they would flow in the future.

The results show how AI can effectively uncover insights to solve traffic gridlock through trial and error of industrial geospatial data from HERE, a leader in mapping and location-based services. Traffic comes about when drivers make simple decisions that lead to complex behavior patterns. These patterns depend on various factors, such as time of day, the road network, congestion situations, holidays, weather conditions and day of the week. Effectively identifying and analyzing traffic patterns lead to more accurate predictions of how traffic would move on given roads at given times of day.

AI, and more specifically neural networks—computer systems modeled on the human brain and nervous system—can help to solve this problem because they are very good at spotting patterns. Neural networks “learn� to do tasks by considering examples, such as datasets, usually without being programmed with task-specific rules. This ability to learn without being programmed means that although neural networks are good at identifying patterns, why they are good at it is unclear. Their inner workings are one of the mysteries of machine learning, the so-called “black box� AI, meaning that the processes cannot be easily understood or tested by programmers.

The Traffic4cast results show that neural networks were the most effective method used at predicting traffic and came closest to simulating the exact traffic flow. All the top entrants used neural networks instead of “non-black box� solutions, such as support vector machines, Bayesian networks and other fixed algorithms. Winners from South Korea, Oxford/Zurich and Toronto were among more than 40 teams from around the world who submitted over 4,000 entries. 

Working with HERE, IARAI provided participants with traffic movie clips based on a year’s worth of industrial-scale, real-world data for three diverse cities: Berlin, Istanbul and Moscow. The clips were created using data based on an unprecedented number of over 100 billion probe points from positions reported by a large fleet of probe vehicles. They captured morning, evening and rush-hour traffic. Each movie frame summarized GPS trajectories mapped to spatio-temporal cells. The movies showed multiple color channels characterizing traffic volume, speed and direction.

“This competition is special alone because of the sheer scope and size of the data,� said Sepp Hochreiter, a founding co-director of IARAI and an artificial intelligence pioneer (he invented the long short-term memory (LSTM) neural network framework).

Entrants had to forecast the traffic by completing the next part of each movie clip for all three cities. Contestants were given 285 full training days (full movie for the entire day) and 72 testing days (containing five blocks of 12 consecutive images with at least 30 frames between each such block); the rest were marked out validation sets. Each contestant then had to produce the three consecutive images following each given block of 12 images in each movie file for each day in the test set for each city.

“This competition brought together diverse groups to tackle a fundamental problem—predicting geospatial processes—that lies at the heart of sustainable mass mobility,� said Michael Kopp, head of research at HERE and founding co-director of IARAI. “Guiding the AI revolution to this problem using an interdisciplinary approach via billions of real-life data points is both novel and a paradigm shift that will be reflected in many applied scientific disciplines. The results seem to prove that ‘black box’ machine learning is most effective at solving predictive problems. This gives us a jumping-off point for further research into how AI learns.�

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About HERE Technologies

HERE, a location data and technology platform, moves people, businesses and cities forward by harnessing the power of location. By leveraging our open platform, we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or a business optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. To learn more about HERE, please visit and



Southern Bail Bonds Dallas Offers 8 Great Tips On How To Find The Right Immigration Attorney

DALLAS, Dec. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – So you’re wanting to become a legal resident or citizen of the United States. Where do you start? One good place to start is by finding a great immigration attorney. Sounds simple, but the truth of the matter is that finding the right immigration attorney can be a confusing task. Whether you’re moving here from abroad or you’ve been here a while and want to make your stay permanent, you’ll most likely need the help of an experienced attorney.

Patrick Hill, General Manager at Southern Bail Bonds Dallas says the tasks of finding the right immigration attorney should be taken seriously, as the attorney you choose can make or break your case.

1. Determine What Type Of Immigration Attorney You Need
Are you looking to become a naturalized citizen? Then an immigration lawyer who specializes in Naturalization might be your best bet. Have you been here a while and have issues with your status that could lead to deportation? Then you’ll definitely want to check into an attorney who specializes in handling Deportation – Removal cases.

Maybe you’re a Dreamer – perhaps an immigration attorney who is experienced in the DACA process is who you need. Do you have visa issues related to your work status? Would an attorney who is familiar with the Business Employment side of immigration law be helpful? Those are the types of questions you’ll need to answer in order to figure out where to start your search.

2. Hire An Attorney Who Speaks Your Language As Well As English
Of course, this should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Communication is key, especially when dealing with a situation as intricate as immigration law. You want to ensure you are able to clearly and comfortably communicate with your attorney and that there are no language barriers. So, if you’re bilingual, English isn’t your native language and you feel you may have problems understanding some of the U.S. legal jargon, be sure to hire an attorney who can explain the process in English as well as your native language. You don’t want to have a glitch in your application process simply because of a miscommunication.

3. Don’t Forget To Ask For References
Ah, those pesky references. Don’t hesitate to ask for references. Any immigration attorney worth their salt will expect such a request. They should be able to provide you with a good list of prior clients whom they have helped successfully. You’ll want to do your own research as well. Run Google searches to see what types of ratings they may have. Check out their reviews, and comments from past clients. Additionally, there are several sites that provide ratings for attorneys. Check them all out. Remember, this is your future you’re talking about, so you want the best possible team on your side.

4. Work With An Immigration Attorney You Can Trust
When talking to different immigration attorneys, don’t forget to listen to your gut. Pay attention to how the attorney responds to you. Are they paying attention? Are they asking questions that make sense? Do they appear to be professional and compassionate? Most attorneys will have several cases pending at once. Don’t be afraid to ask about their case load. The last thing you want is to get stuck with an attorney who doesn’t have the time to devote to your case to ensure a successful outcome. Additionally, if the lawyer appears to be preoccupied or just going through the motions to get to the end of your interview, maybe you’ll want to keep looking.

What about their accessibility? Do you feel they would be responsive when you have questions? Unless you hire an attorney who only has one case – yours – you can’t expect them to drop whatever they’re doing to answer a phone call immediately. But you do want an attorney who will get back in touch with you in a reasonable amount of time. Trust your gut instincts, keeping in mind that an attorney who might be a bit curt may also be your best choice. Weigh everything.

5. Don’t Let The Price Tag Fool Ya
This is where your research comes into play. Price tags on legal services, like any other service, can be deceiving. Just because an immigration attorney has a high fee doesn’t mean they’re better. Remember those references you asked for and those Google reviews you were suppose to read? What did they say? Ensure the attorney you engage has the time and staff necessary to handle their case load. And ensure the fee is something you can handle without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, be careful about hiring the cheapest attorney. There may be a reason for the low price tag. They may not yet have the experience that would command a higher rate. Or it may be that they don’t have the staff necessary to process your application in a timely manner. Or they may just be flat incompetent. Again, this is where your research pays off. Ensure you’re basing your decision on the value and expertise of the attorney, not just the price.

6. Did We Mention Immigration Attorneys Need To Be Licensed?
Well, if we didn’t – they need to be licensed no matter what issue you are needing to address! Always ensure you’re working with a licensed attorney who is in good standing with their state bar. Check their status, and while you’re at it, check to see if there have been any disciplinary actions brought against them. If they aren’t licensed – run.

7. Avoid Attorneys That Lurk Around ICE Detention Centers or Immigration Offices
If you are approached by an attorney at one of the ICE detention centers, ICE field offices or other immigration centers, think twice about working with these attorneys. First, the attorney bar frowns on such behavior and doesn’t consider it ethical. Second, many consider this type of advertising as “ambulance chasing” and only done by attorneys who have problems getting or maintaining clients. One has to wonder why.

8. Friends – A Great Referral Resource for Attorneys
Don’t forget your personal network – friends, coworkers and family members. Tap into your personal network to search for someone who can refer you to an immigration attorney you can have faith in. Personal referrals from a satisfied customer or a knowledgeable friend can be very powerful.

Southern Bail Bonds Dallas can assist with answering questions and providing information on immigration bail bonds for anyone who has been granted an immigration bond anywhere in the U.S. Our office can also processes bail bonds for felony, misdemeanors and traffic related arrests.

Please feel free to contact us at 214-372-2500. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are ready to assist.


SOURCE Southern Bail Bonds Dallas

California Governor Rejects PG&E’s Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan

(RTTNews) – California Governor Gavin Newsom rejected a bankruptcy reorganization plan submitted by PGE Corp (PCG), saying that the company’s proposal doesn’t comply with terms of a recently passed wildfire liability law. The proposal doesn’t go far enough to make the company “positioned to provide safe, reliable and affordable service.”

PGE had filed for bankruptcy protection in January as it faces up to $30 billion in fire liabilities, including last year’s Camp Fire which killed at least 86 people.

Last week, PGE reached a settlement valued at about $13.5 billion to resolve all remaining wildfire claims, including individual claims, relating to the 2015 Butte Fire, 2016 Ghost Ship Fire, 2017 Northern California Wildfires, and the 2018 Camp Fire pursuant to the terms of PGE’s Plan.

But, the company’s reorganization plan does not include some requirements established in state law, including “major changes in governance” and “enforcement mechanisms,” Newsom said in a letter to PGE Chief Executive Officer Bill Johnson.

Responding to Newsom’s letter, PGE said it believes the restructuring plan meets the requirements.

Newsom noted that he aims to get the company out of bankruptcy by June 30, 2020 by working on a plan with PGE, but said that the company could not continue without making changes to its safety culture.

Pilozzz Launches One of the World’s First CBD Infused Pillows

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – Pilozzz, a luxury comfort pillow brand releases its first revolutionary CBD pillow that has a luxurious down alternative inner fill with 100% recycled polyester providing unparalleled comfort and support for all sleep positions with a removable outer zippered cover that is infused with a proprietary microencapsulation of CBD oils. The infusion stays active for at least 10-15 washes, and if you’re one to use an additional pillow case, you can still achieve the CBD benefits. CBD has been known to help manage anxiety, promote relaxation, and lead to an incredibly restful sleep.

Pilozzz specializes in innovative and socially responsible sleep technologies. Our mission is to produce comfortable, yet mindful pillows that combine sustainable materials with natural technologies to help build towards a healthier, happier planet for all.

“My sister and I grew up in the bedding trade and want to make a difference by delivering solution-based products that we know will provide our customers with a peaceful night’s sleep, while also benefitting the environment. We call it Pilozzz with a Purpose!” remarks Amanda Spinella, co-founder of “With our deep roots in the industry, we are excited to bring our innovative, high-quality products to our community and can’t wait for them to have a better night’s sleep because of it!”

Pilozzz is changing the way we think about sleep and relaxation. Pilozzz encourages their customers to sleep away their stress and anxiety just by resting their heads on a well-crafted product designed to improve sleep and quality of life.

If you would like more information, please contact us at or visit our site At this time, we only sell the complete pillow itself but have plans to offer additional products and replacement pillow covers in the near future.


FLOAT (Fly Over All Traffic) Offering Media and Business Customers In-flight Tours of Revolutionary Transportation Alternative in Southern California

LA VERNE, Calif., Dec. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — FLOAT (Fly Over All Traffic), an innovative and groundbreaking commuter flight service debuting in the Los Angeles market, is offering local reporters and journalists the opportunity to test out the groundbreaking new commuter service that will restore work/life balance to so-called Supercommuters.

“Since we announced our innovative commuter solution, thousands of frustrated drivers have reached out to us in search of routes that would end their nightmare commutes,” said FLOAT co-founder Arnel Guiang. “We want the media to experience the ease and comfortability of a FLOAT commute, and we welcome them to come on board for takeoff!”

FLOAT is a revolutionary, one-of-kind aviation commuter solution for Supercommuters – those driving at least 90 miles to and from work – in Southern California. Leveraging a network of nearly 40 airports across Southern California, FLOAT will help extract people from some of the busiest freeways in the world. Pricing and routes vary, and the service will operate daily Monday through Friday, as well as charter midday and weekend flights.

The test flights will be held Thursday, December 11th, out of Santa Monica Airport, and Friday, December 12th, out of Brackett Field in La Verne.

FLOAT also is excited to announce charter service to Big Bear, and they will make their planes available for media and others at Big Bear Airport on Saturday, December 13th.

“Southern Californians have an adventurous spirit – one where you can spend the weekends going from the beach to the slopes on the same day, but the drive – while not long in terms of miles – can be excruciating with many travelers spending hours going bumper-to-bumper on the three arteries in and out of Big Bear, Guiang said. “Our charter service offers an affordable option for people who want to hit the slopes and head home without committing hours to the commute before and after they slip in and out of their bindings.”

To learn more about FLOAT’s charter service to Big Bear, we invite people to continue monitoring FLOAT’s website:

For media interested in taking an in-flight tour for their stories, please contact FLOAT’s Marketing Advisor, Lisa Walker, via email at

About FLOAT:

FLOAT (Fly Over All Traffic) is the innovative commuting concept founded by partners Arnel Guiang, Tom Hsieh, and Rob McKinney. FLOAT aims to service hundreds of thousands of Super Commuters traveling at least 90 miles between home and work daily. FLOAT wants to restore the imbalance of the work/life structure experienced by Southern Californians who face added commute hours on top of their traditional 8-hour workday. After launching in the Southern California market, FLOAT aims toward exploring operations in other high-traffic, Super-Commuting-dense markets in the future. To learn more about FLOAT, please visit

Contact: Lisa Walker
Title: Marketing Advisor
Phone: 949-275-1830