Distressed Assets

Oakes Capital invests in secured and unsecured non-performing loans, operating companies, and portfolios of distressed real estate debt and equity products.

We target superior returns through an opportunistic management approach. By employing rigorous research, we seek to identify investments with hidden strengths and take advantage of market inefficiencies. At the same time, we strive to identify, measure and control different types of risk that can affect specific investment strategies and overall portfolio performance.

The goal is to gain a position of influence in the restructuring process in which the value of securities is negotiated in bankruptcy in order to maximize returns. In exchange, we provide additional, high-priced capital, pressing an advantageous strategic plan or waiting for prospects to rebound. We hold, manage, rehabilitate and reposition these assets with the intention of selling when markets come back to life, and at prices that substantially exceed the costs of our investment.

We may invest at every level of the capital structure, in companies or hard assets, in “stressed” securities and in unusual instruments and special situations. We look for opportunistic and value investments in distressed commercial real estate debt and equity products throughout Europe.